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Welcome to my new home!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Welcome to my new home. What a great day to unveil the new website.  I need all of the luck I can get!!  For someone who knows NOTHING about websites, this has been an intimidating task.  I finally decided to take the plunge and just do it.  I wanted something that will be more user friendly for all of you who go to my website.  I hope you will enjoy the changes and the easier access.  I look forward to posting all kinds of new things!  Enjoy the images and your comments are very welcome.

In honor of the day, how about some St. Patrick’s Day trivia…

Did you know St. Patrick’s birth name was Maewyn Succat?  Can you imagine?  Happy Maewn Succat’s Day!

Did you know that the word “shamrock” means “young clover” in Gaelic?

St. Patrick’s day is celebrated on March 17th because St. Patrick died on March 17th, 461 AD.

Did you know they actually dye the Chicago River green for St. Patrick’s day?  It is best seen between Columbus and Wabash Streets.

So now you know…C

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