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    Enjoy every stage of your child’s rapidly-changing youth with magnificent family photography services in Ponchatoula, LA. Cindy Whittaker Photography captures your baby’s innocent expressions and imagination through her creative eyes, giving you treasures that last a lifetime.

    Our boutique family photography studio serves residents of Hammond, Ponchatoula, Baton Rouge, and beyond. Cindy makes her photo sessions fun by allowing freedom of individuality shine through in every person she photographs. Whether her subjects are one day old, or ninety-nine, Cindy Whittaker’s ability to capture the smiles and laughter of people are what give her images an authentic, uncontrived style.

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Cute Ideas for Your Maternity Photo Session

Maternity PortraitsCongratulations on the most life-transforming event of your life! Becoming a parent is such a gift. Some expectant mothers enjoy the latter stages of pregnancy by encapsulating it with professional maternity photographs. Scheduling a maternity photo session is an exciting way to connect and bond with your new baby, even before he or she arrives! It can also be fun for the child’s father, since he does not get to experience the ups and downs of pregnancy.

Cindy Whittaker maternity photography sessions are customized to each family. Whether you want to do it solo as an expectant mother, or bring other siblings and your spouse or significant other with you for the shoot; this is entirely up to you. If you have kids already, maternity photo sessions are a great way for your kids to get involved and it makes it “real” that they will soon be having a sibling.

7935aPlus, maternity photos are very romantic! If you are looking for some unique, creative and fun maternity photo shoot ideas, here are a few that you should consider:

  • Use natural landscapes such as hills to make fun statements, such as having the mother lay in front of a hill or sand pile, etc. to match the shape of her growing tummy.
  • Incorporate humorous signs, such as: “Caution: Dangerous Curve” or something about speed bumps, stop signs, etc. and street signs with one of your names.
  • Speaking of signs, if you know the baby’s name ahead of time, look for a neighborhood or street with the same name and capture a pregnancy photo standing on that street.
  • Bring baby booties, mittens, hats or little tiny treasures with blue or pink trim.
  • Lie down next to your partner with his face near the baby’s, perhaps touching noses or foreheads with your belly.
  • Bring one of your sonogram pictures and hold it in front of your tummy.
  • Spell the baby’s name on an easel, chalkboard, or with baby blocks.
  • Mirror reflections of the mother looking down at her belly.
  • An image of the mother, pensively waiting next to the baby’s crib, or perhaps rocking in a rocking chair, thinking about the baby that will be coming soon.
  • Newborn baby shoes placed on top of your belly, or right in between your shoes and the father’s shoes.

Maternity photographyAs well as having fun shooting the maternity photos, Cindy Whittaker’s editing skills can also create some amazing pregnancy photos even after the shoot is done. For example, merging the baby’s face in an imaginative burst over the mother’s head, or merging the actual newborn session images with the pre-baby photo shoot.

Keep in mind that you will only have a short span of time to book the maternity photo session before your body returns to its pre-pregnancy condition. Contact Cindy Whittaker for your maternity photography in Ponchatoula or Hammond, Louisiana. 985-969-2644 will get you started on a timeless maternity photo shoot!

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Things to Know About Newborn Photo Shoots

Newborn portrait sessionIs there any greater joy than the birth of your newborn child? For parents who wish to preserve those very precious days when their infant is brand, spankin’ new, nothing beats having a professional newborn photography session! We recommend scheduling a professional newborn photographer even before the baby’s birth, to make sure your photographer leaves a block of time for you at least within that first couple of weeks after their expected arrival

We understand, things change. Your baby may be born early, or past the due date. Hence your newborn photography session should remain flexible, yet with some preparation in advance.

If you are entertaining the idea of newborn photography for your soon-to-be born baby, there are a few things to know beforehand. Discuss your ideas with your photographer. A professional newborn photographer will have the experience to help you with creative poses, props and special treasures that you want to include. While some of the images will highlight natural expressions and be done without flash photography, most newborns are rather sleepy in the first month of birth. Natural light is optimal for enhancing your infant’s beautiful face.

Newborn photographYou are welcome to bring special newborn outfits, but Cindy Whittaker also likes to shoot your newborn baby in their birthday suit. There is something so innocent, sweet and magical about a baby that is brand new, in all of their naked glory. Bring other things like baby shoes, mittens, ribbons, hats, tutus or baseball mitts, whatever you wish. This is your baby, and remember that your baby will look so sweet wearing absolutely nothing. Don’t worry; we will make sure the baby will not be chilly.

If need be, we can also do a newborn photo session in your home. After having giving birth, some parents are unable to get out, especially moms who have had C-sections. We understand you are still healing from childbirth. If you are able to come to our boutique studio, you will not be disappointed. It is worth the experience. We have great equipment and props available in our Ponchatoula Newborn Photo Studio.

We also welcome any samples images you might like to show us from magazines or websites. Our newborn photographer, Cindy Whittaker, is always up for collaborating with expectant mother to create new ideas.

The photo session should be planned right after a baby’s feeding, whether breastfeeding or formula. In this manner, the infant will be more comfortable and relaxed, rather than crying.  Newborn images mark an irreplaceable moment in time. Call Cindy Whittaker at 985-969-2644. Make sure you schedule your newborn session within the first two weeks after the baby’s birth.

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Four Reasons to Hire a Professional Children’s Photographer

cute boy smiling photograph
Although it may seem like common sense, many people put off the investment in professional photography as opposed to do-it-yourself photography or even using mobile phones to take images of their families. Even with the better photo phone devices of today, the quality of images, as well as the experience of shooting a session with a professional photographer, is unrivaled.

One primary reason to invest in a professional photographer is because of the training that a true photographer can offer. These pros have dedicated their skills, passion and talent to the craft of capturing images. Some photographers have certifications or college-level degrees in photography, and most have a lot of experience in a particular niche. You wouldn’t want a dentist to fix your plumbing, so it only makes sense that you would rely on a specialist to capture the memories of your life through the craft of photography. Let a professional family photographer handle your family photos, so that you do not miss out on the lasting quality they can offer.

Secondly, a professional photographer has invested a lot of expense in photography gear that is superior to those aforementioned camera phones or point-and-shoot cameras. Even cameras with good resolution cannot compare to the high end DSLRs that are available to pros. Aside from the thousands of dollars’ worth of cameras, tripods, flashes, filters and gadgets, the professional photographers often have props and other tools of the trade, which can be used to add creativity to your family photos.

A professional photographer is more competent on the proper use and techniques of using their equipment to its fullest capacity, but they also know more about posing to get the best angles, expressions and meaningful shots. There is no comparison to the premium quality of professional equipment over the amateur cameras, even SLRs. Sometimes, these less-than acceptable options skip or delay the most vital expressions or moments because of having the inability to shoot successively, which means shooting a lot of images within a few seconds. A lot of thought goes into preparation of a photo session. This becomes even more imperative when talking about important events or images of newborn babies and children, which are subjects that tend to “move around” a lot, making them difficult to capture.

Finally, the investment of professional family photography is also valuable. These are things you would want to take with you more than anything in your home; even more important you’re your furniture or material possessions. What is more irreplaceable than your family’s milestones?

Think about how much you cherish the photographs of your children and family. These are definitely priceless treasures. When you look back one day at those pictures on your wall or mantel, you will never remember how much you spent on them. Instead, you will be so grateful that you invested in professional photos, rather than relying on a less-than-stellar mobile phone to preserve the moments of your family’s life.  Let us help you create lasting memories. Call 985-969-2644 to book your family photographer today!

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