How to Prepare for Your Senior Photo Session

Senior photographyAs we move into the next season of new seniors, we have to first congratulate all of the recent graduates that we photographed this past school year. It has been a really fun year, and now the senior photo sessions are back in swing. If you are going into your senior of high school, this is the time to schedule your senior photo session.

Senior photos are more creative than ever! The looks of today make the senior photo shoot a lot like a glamour session. Cindy Whittaker Photography will make sure you have a blast during your senior photo session.

Rather than placing emphasis on cliché photos, senior photo sessions are all about capturing your personality. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, Cindy Whittaker has a way of bringing out the best in the seniors she photographs. The sessions can either be done inside at her studio or in an outdoor environment. She will listen to your creative ideas and personalize the session to your whim, so long as time allows. Some senior like to get their hair and makeup done ahead of time, but of course this is entirely optional.

It is important to reveal your personal fashion during your senior photo session. We recommend bringing one casual outfit and one dressy outfit, or more depending on the package you choose. Some seniors like to wear a special band uniform, athletic uniform or other thing that represents their extracurricular activities throughout high school. Bring a favorite baseball jersey, school colors, cheerleading outfit or whatever you feel comfortable wearing. Remember you are going to look back upon these senior photos forever, and your family will be proudly displaying your photos on the mantel. So don’t wear anything too outlandish that you would be embarrassed to look back upon, even years later.

IMG_7043a-300x200Cindy Whittaker is a senior photographer in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. It is her passion to help you maximize your photo session. Some students like to bring a sibling or a best friend to do the shoot together, but this is something you can discuss with her during the consultation.

It is highly recommended to hire a professional senior photographer, rather than trying to let a family member take the pictures. These images are lasting milestones of your entryway to adulthood and a new phase of your life. Color adjustments, editing and enhancements can be made on the final images, so don’t fret if you have acne, blemishes or braces. Just schedule a senior photo session consultation by calling 985-969-2644. Meet with Cindy in person to talk about the next step.

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