What to Wear for Kids and Families Photo Shoots

Mother and child family photographyPreserving your special moments and rapid growing years with the kids is through professional photography. Family photo sessions offer a great way to connect with your children and family, as well as giving you an ability to capture those special years while your kids are still little. Children and family photography sessions are not only great for lasting memories; they make perfect gifts to give relatives, especially grandparents. Grandparents enjoy showing their friends pictures of their family and grandchildren, whether they live far away or in the same community. What else do you give the people who have everything? Family photos are priceless; something money cannot buy, nor replace.

While kids are little, they are energetic and precious. Yet, a talented photographer has the patience to work with children. Let’s face it, children don’t always stare at the lens when they are asked to, or they may not smile on cue. Instead, kids like to be silly or look at their siblings and parents for approval. They have short attention spans. Under such conditions, a skilled children’s photographer can capture the “action” of a child and truly bottle up that energy for a lifetime, through the art of photography.  Candid images are often better than posed ones, so Cindy Whittaker just rolls with it and takes as many splendid photos of your children as she can during your family photo session.

Some people ask what they should wear to such a photo shoot. While it is not necessary to wear matching attire, you may decide to have a “theme”. This is something to discuss with the photographer in advance, so that Cindy Whittaker can have the right backdrops or props in mind for the day of the shoot. A family photo specifically for the summer, for example, might be fun to have one setting that everyone wears sandals and flower prints, whereas a photo shoot near the holidays might be perfect with everyone wearing sweaters near the Christmas tree. Autumn’s hay bales, leaves and pumpkins are one of the most vibrant times of year for a family photo shoot.

Mother and child standing in forestIn any case, everyone should be dressed comfortably and in things they would normally like to wear. Your “Sunday best” is a good rule of thumb. Avoid things that go out of style quickly. They can be distracting. Also, avoid putting your children in clothes that they will look back upon with embarrassment, like silly cartoon characters.  Go for classic kid styles that look just as adorable even after they are full grown.

No matter what you wear, the children’s and family photo sessions are sure to become household treasures, and even the photo shoot itself will be a memory that your family will say, “Remember when we did that?” Book a family photo shoot in Ponchatoula; call 985-969-2644.

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