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Back To School Photography Ideas | Hammond Child Photography

It’s that time again!!  Summer is coming to a close and a new school year is on its way.  During the hustle of getting those kiddos ready for their first day, why not think about  a fun Back To School Photo Shoot?  I came across these cool ideas while surfing this morning.  Anyone with me on trying some of these ?:)  Thanks Rebecca at simpleasthatblog.com.

back to school

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What to Expect When Working With a Family Photographer in Hammond

Mother and child photographyOnce you have made a decision that you want to get a professional family photographer for either a special occasion or to hallmark a particular moment of your life, you may not know the next step. Finding and hiring a professional family photographer in Hammond, LA or Ponchatoula is not always obvious, as there may be a number of options available and many qualified photographers to do what you need done.

What is the next step to book a professional family photographer? Actually, this stage is very straightforward. You need to look through the portfolios of selected candidates, and the next phase is just to pick up the phone and call.

If you find Cindy Whittaker based upon a recommendation and want to just schedule the session, which is great. However, some people like to call around and shop for someone who meshes with their personality or who is capable of doing the styles and concepts you have in mind. Talk to Cindy about these ideas, or any pro photographer you are interviewing. Ask about their process, policies and how they like to work. For some people, it comes down to choosing a photographer who you feel a connection with. Someone who gives you a warm vibe.

Choosing a professional photographer is a very personal decision. It affects the outcome of the facial expressions, because when you feel relaxed or like you can be yourself, the photographer can shoot genuine smiles and poses, instead of awkward and contrived expressions.

After the interview or consultation process, go ahead and book a family photo session. You can come in to the studio or do this online, if your photographer sends you a contract. Next, make a commitment and pay a retainer. This will ensure that your photographer blocks off the specified time of your choice. Verbal contracts are unprofessional and not recommended. It assures both you and the photographer when everything is on paper, so that you understand exactly what you are getting, with no questions about what is included. It also guarantees your session.

Always follow up or confirm the photo session with your photographer at least a day in advance. When you hire Cindy Whittaker Photography, she does this part for you. Her staff will send a reminder email or call you at least a day or two ahead of time. On the day of the photo shoot, you should know that another payment is due.

On the day of your selected photo shoot, you should take the professional photographer’s instructions, since Cindy does this every day; she has the experience to pose and suggest angles and capture your best side. Having fun is the main goal, and that way you can be comfortable without having high expectations.

You should receive a few samples from your photo shoot within a few days thereafter. Your photographer will let you know when the final, edited selections will be ready. Usually within two weeks of your photo session. Depending upon the package you choose and how many are included, this will vary. Ask about the turnaround time during the consultation.

After all of the final selections are delivered and your job is complete, you can upgrade or order more images. Discuss reordering ahead of time. The procedure may differ within each photography studio. This process is not set in stone, merely a guideline of what you can expect if you have never hired a family photographer before.

If you want to try a pose you have seen in a magazine or online, print out these things to show your photographer. Always discuss your concepts during the consultation and ask if you can be creative; most photographers welcome the opportunity to do something different. To ask questions about the photo booking process, call our Ponchatoula photo studio at 985-969-2644.

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How to Prepare for Your Senior Photo Session

Senior photographyAs we move into the next season of new seniors, we have to first congratulate all of the recent graduates that we photographed this past school year. It has been a really fun year, and now the senior photo sessions are back in swing. If you are going into your senior of high school, this is the time to schedule your senior photo session.

Senior photos are more creative than ever! The looks of today make the senior photo shoot a lot like a glamour session. Cindy Whittaker Photography will make sure you have a blast during your senior photo session.

Rather than placing emphasis on cliché photos, senior photo sessions are all about capturing your personality. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, Cindy Whittaker has a way of bringing out the best in the seniors she photographs. The sessions can either be done inside at her studio or in an outdoor environment. She will listen to your creative ideas and personalize the session to your whim, so long as time allows. Some senior like to get their hair and makeup done ahead of time, but of course this is entirely optional.

It is important to reveal your personal fashion during your senior photo session. We recommend bringing one casual outfit and one dressy outfit, or more depending on the package you choose. Some seniors like to wear a special band uniform, athletic uniform or other thing that represents their extracurricular activities throughout high school. Bring a favorite baseball jersey, school colors, cheerleading outfit or whatever you feel comfortable wearing. Remember you are going to look back upon these senior photos forever, and your family will be proudly displaying your photos on the mantel. So don’t wear anything too outlandish that you would be embarrassed to look back upon, even years later.

IMG_7043a-300x200Cindy Whittaker is a senior photographer in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. It is her passion to help you maximize your photo session. Some students like to bring a sibling or a best friend to do the shoot together, but this is something you can discuss with her during the consultation.

It is highly recommended to hire a professional senior photographer, rather than trying to let a family member take the pictures. These images are lasting milestones of your entryway to adulthood and a new phase of your life. Color adjustments, editing and enhancements can be made on the final images, so don’t fret if you have acne, blemishes or braces. Just schedule a senior photo session consultation by calling 985-969-2644. Meet with Cindy in person to talk about the next step.

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What to Wear for Kids and Families Photo Shoots

Mother and child family photographyPreserving your special moments and rapid growing years with the kids is through professional photography. Family photo sessions offer a great way to connect with your children and family, as well as giving you an ability to capture those special years while your kids are still little. Children and family photography sessions are not only great for lasting memories; they make perfect gifts to give relatives, especially grandparents. Grandparents enjoy showing their friends pictures of their family and grandchildren, whether they live far away or in the same community. What else do you give the people who have everything? Family photos are priceless; something money cannot buy, nor replace.

While kids are little, they are energetic and precious. Yet, a talented photographer has the patience to work with children. Let’s face it, children don’t always stare at the lens when they are asked to, or they may not smile on cue. Instead, kids like to be silly or look at their siblings and parents for approval. They have short attention spans. Under such conditions, a skilled children’s photographer can capture the “action” of a child and truly bottle up that energy for a lifetime, through the art of photography.  Candid images are often better than posed ones, so Cindy Whittaker just rolls with it and takes as many splendid photos of your children as she can during your family photo session.

Some people ask what they should wear to such a photo shoot. While it is not necessary to wear matching attire, you may decide to have a “theme”. This is something to discuss with the photographer in advance, so that Cindy Whittaker can have the right backdrops or props in mind for the day of the shoot. A family photo specifically for the summer, for example, might be fun to have one setting that everyone wears sandals and flower prints, whereas a photo shoot near the holidays might be perfect with everyone wearing sweaters near the Christmas tree. Autumn’s hay bales, leaves and pumpkins are one of the most vibrant times of year for a family photo shoot.

Mother and child standing in forestIn any case, everyone should be dressed comfortably and in things they would normally like to wear. Your “Sunday best” is a good rule of thumb. Avoid things that go out of style quickly. They can be distracting. Also, avoid putting your children in clothes that they will look back upon with embarrassment, like silly cartoon characters.  Go for classic kid styles that look just as adorable even after they are full grown.

No matter what you wear, the children’s and family photo sessions are sure to become household treasures, and even the photo shoot itself will be a memory that your family will say, “Remember when we did that?” Book a family photo shoot in Ponchatoula; call 985-969-2644.

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